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Behind everything we do lies a desire.
Mine is to help show off life in all its glory.
The world is so beautiful, and the people in it even more so.
This is the stone I throw in the ocean.
It is from this ripple that my work flows out.

I work with light.
The light is the red thread that runs through and
connects ART, PHOTO, FOCUS coaching and YOGA.
Because it is the light that makes us able to see
what is around us.
And if we give it time, it makes us see
What is with in all of us

I have 7 years of experience as a photographer
and yoga teacher.
I have taken my next step and combined
PHOTO and YOGA with nlp and a touch of tao
and created a unique coaching tool which is called FOCUS.
So now LIGHT4YOU is a Photography, Coaching and Yoga business.